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Mindfulness Meditation Exercise for Anger

In today’s practice, we will continue to work with emotions, specifically anger.  Anger keeps you out of your heart and prevents you from seeing clearly (or seeing what is true).

When dealing with any difficult emotion you are not trying to confront the emotion but allow it to be there as they are.  Softening the body around them.  Using your breath to do this.  When you are focused on the breath you are less engaged with the emotion.  Less likely to be controlled by it.

Let’s begin…

  • Allow anger to flow through you without judging, commenting, or interpreting your thoughts.
  • Investigate where do you feel anger in the body?
  • What does it feel like? Notice sensations of heat, burning, tension, restlessness.
  • How does it affect your breath?
  • Releasing the story around why you are angry and instead rest in the physical sensations being produced by anger.
  • Witnessing what is arising without interfering.
  • Allowing the breath to guide you through the experience.
  • Turn away from the object of your anger and instead reside in the body.
  • Hold the body sensations in awareness, as you breath in and out.  Sensations may be strong.  Know that this too shall pass.  Sensations come in go and thoughts come and go.  They only linger when you cling to them.
  • Overtime, this will provide freedom from the power of anger.
  • Allowing emotion to move through you.
  • Coming back to the breath…taking a deep inhalation…


Notice if the outcome of your practice today was different than what you believed it would be like.  I look forward to guiding you in your next practice.


37 Derby Street, Suite 4, Hingham, MA 02043

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