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Mindfulness Meditation for Relationships

To attain happier, more satisfying relationships it is important to see beyond your own wants and needs and become more mindful of how our thoughts and actions affect our relationships.

Mindful Presence uses mindfulness meditation techniques to help you be more open, compassionate, and self-aware.  This involves deliberately directing your attention away from negative, judging thoughts, and allows you to be more present and connected to what is happening right now.

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What You Will Learn

Mindfulness meditation not only helps you understand relationships better, but it will also help you gain the inner strength to overcome your insecurities. When you meditate, you quiet the excess chatter in your mind and steady your emotions so you don’t react as quickly to other people’s words or actions.  When the mind is clear you can “see” everything more easily and are able to better respond to what’s actually going on.  With consistent practice, you will cultivate greater peace, harmony, and more loving relationships with everyone you encounter.  In Mindful Presence’s mindfulness meditation training for healthy relationships sessions, you will learn techniques to:

  • Build present-moment, non-judgmental awareness
  • Slow down reactivity
  • Enable compassion and empathy
  • Enhance emotional self-regulation
  • Listen mindfully with attending skills and reflective responses
  • Increase your emotional intelligence
  • Gain health and wellness benefits


Mindful Presence’s individual training sessions are held privately, one-on-one, and designed around your specific needs and goals. All information shared in our mindful meditation training sessions is held confidential and not shared with others unless expressly required to do so by law.  Private sessions may also be held via Zoom to allow you to continue your training no matter where need to be.

Initial Consultation: $225/90 minutes
​Individual Session: $150 /hour
Prepaid 6- Week Session: $725 ($125/hr)


The work we do in and out of these sessions requires effort and consistency. Mindfulness and meditation can only be of lasting value if you have the discipline to practice regularly, as well as the motivation to try and be mindful throughout your day. Daily practice is expected.

Meditation is an important part of mindfulness, whether you initially enjoy it or not, as it awakens you to your current situation. When you practice with an alert and open mind for just a little bit of time, you will begin to recognize the benefits that naturally occur and become accustomed to the practice.

Scientific Research

Evidence suggests that mindfulness meditation practice is associated with neuroplastic changes in the amygdala that positively impact cognition, mood, and enhanced emotional self-regulation. The following studies delve deeper in to how mindfulness and meditation impact relationships and the ability to regulate our emotions:

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