Mindful Presence and Clarity Brain Wellness to Partner

BOSTON, MAMindful Presence and Clarity Brain Wellness are pleased to announce a strategic partnership combining Mindful Presence’s mindfulness training and executive coaching with Clarity Brain Wellness executive function and injury prevention services. 

This alliance means that both individuals and corporations will be offered a more expansive and flexible range of services and resources encompassing the following:

  • Metacognition: understanding of own thought process; self-awareness and emotional regulation
  • Leadership
  • Executive Coaching
  • Brain Health Education
  • Cognitive Therapy

“Right now, we are seeing the direct and concerning impact of the pandemic on both brain health, physical, emotional and social well-being,” says Mindful Presence’s Founder, Christine O’Shaughnessy. “Employers around the world are recognizing how critical it is to have the services readily available to support their employees in real time – and it is paying off.” 

“By joining forces with Alison Letvinchuk and Rachael Licker at Clarity Brain Wellness, clients will have access to new tools to cultivate resiliency and navigate the health effects of the past few years. By combining attention training and mindfulness-based practices, people learn how to develop lasting techniques to improve brain wellness for the rest of their lives,” said Christine O’Shaughnessy.

“The lifestyle we chose has a profound impact on attention, memory and thinking skills. The food we eat, our quality of sleep, the people we surround ourselves with and the way we handle stress all impact brain health. By understanding the relationship between these factors, we learn how to develop techniques to improve brain wellness and cognition.” said Alison

About Mindful Presence
Built on more than 20 years of experience helping clients across the globe attain improved mental and emotional well-being.  Mindful Presence delivers customizable corporate training programs and executive coaching. We empower individuals worldwide to live a fulfilling and joyful life through education and training in mindfulness-based practices including communication and emotional intelligence. Services are used by clients worldwide including Fortune 500 companies. With training programs, both onsite and virtual, the collaboration is well-suited for today’s hybrid environment.

About Clarity Brain Wellness
Alison and Rachael are licensed speech-language pathologists, who specialize in cognition and executive function coaching. They have a combined 15+ years of experience working with the adult and pediatric population in neurorehabilitation and combine their medical background and clinical experience with wellness techniques.

Clarity Brain Wellness provides brain health education, cognitive therapy, executive function coaching, including time management and organizational skills; all through a holistic approach. The goal is to provide balance in one’s life to achieve optimal overall health. Services are individualized, functional, and focus on personal goals to develop systems that can be applied in both the home and workplace. Individual and group training on brain health and functional strategies are offered.

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