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Mindfulness for Founders & Entrepreneurs

As founders and entrepreneurs, you are constantly operating at your maximum level.  Pair this with long hours at the office, little time for personal life, and lack of being able to share your biggest problems or deepest fears and it is easy to see how isolation and loneliness can set in.

Mindful Presence offers specialized mindfulness meditation training to founders and entrepreneurs to help you overcome the feelings of loneliness and isolation while gaining perspective during your toughest challenges.

Mindfulness for Workplaces » Mindfulness Meditation Training for Founders & Entrepreneurs

What You Will Learn

In the 2012 CEO Snapshot Survey half of all CEOs reported feeling lonely, and more than 60% believed it hindered their performance. In Mindful Presence’s mindfulness meditation sessions for founders and entrepreneurs, you will learn techniques to:

  • Reduce anxiety, stress and tension
  • Improve decisions and judgments that lead to desired goals
  • See yourself more clearly, gain perspective, and feel content
  • Think outside the box
  • Increase your ability to innovate beyond self-imposing limits
  • Lead others mindfully
  • Look at all of the opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead
  • Attain greater effectiveness of action
  • Gain health and wellness benefits


Mindful Presence’s mindful meditation sessions for founders and entrepreneurs are held privately, one-on-one, and designed around your specific needs and goals. All information shared in our mindful meditation training sessions is held confidential and not shared with others unless expressly required to do so by law.  Private sessions may also be held via Zoom to allow you to continue your training no matter where need to be.

Initial Consultation: $225/90 minutes
​Individual Session: $150 /hour
Prepaid 6- Week Session: $725 ($125/hr)


The work we do in and out of these sessions requires effort and consistency. Mindfulness and meditation can only be of lasting value if you have the discipline to practice regularly, as well as the motivation to try and be mindful throughout your day. Daily practice is expected.

Meditation is an important part of mindfulness, whether you initially enjoy it or not, as it awakens you to your current situation. When you practice with an alert and open mind for just a little bit of time, you will begin to recognize the benefits that naturally occur and become accustomed to the practice.


Learn more about how mindfulness influences attention, with downstream effects on functional domains of cognition, emotion, behavior, and physiology in this integrative review from the Journal of Management.

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