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Mindfulness Meditation Exercise for Attachment

For today’s mindfulness meditation practice let’s see if you can cultivate not begin attached to any particular outcome in your practice.  Hold your entire experience in the light of awareness.  When the mind is clear we can “see” everything more easily.

Let’s begin…

  • Bring your attention to how you are feeling today.  You may notice restlessness or distraction as you begin.  Allow it to be there, gently noticing it.
  • Notice when thoughts arise about yourself in relation to thoughts and emotions.  Is there an ongoing commentary?
  • Not feeding the stream of thought.  Watching it through the lens of awareness – with distance and labeling it “comments, comments, comments”
  • When you are aware of streams of thought, emotions or sensations see them for what they are…just thought, emotion, sensation.  It’s not who you are.  Let go of identifying with them.
  • Create distance from the commentary by labeling it.
  • Not viewing your thoughts as a problem.  Not reacting habitually to them.
  • Notice when space between the comments arise.
  • This is the practice – awareness.
  • Can you be ok with the way things are right now?  Widening and softening around whatever is arising in your practice today.


Notice if the outcome of your practice today was different than what you believed it would be like.  I look forward to guiding you in your next practice.

37 Derby Street, Suite 4, Hingham, MA 02043

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