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Learning about mindfulness from Christine has had a profound and positive impact on my mental health and coping abilities. She is excellent at what she does and has given me the ability to handle the emotional ups and downs — especially the downs — of life in a much better way.

Debbie L.

VP, Human Resources Manager
Integrating Mindfulness in Corporate Environments While Being Remote
Integrating Mindfulness in Corporate Environments While Being Remote

In this Holistic Health Collaborative podcast with Kate Maslowski, you will hear how Christine O’Shaunessy, owner of Mindful Presence, found her way to teaching mindfulness meditation, the benefits and science behind the practice, and how corporate and individual training sessions can improve your corporate environments even with remote employees. Mindfulness meditation is a state of active, open attention to the…

Meditation App Headspace Wants Meditation to be a Prescription

The following video from “CBS This Morning” talks about how the meditation app Headspace wants to launch a prescription-strength version of their meditation app with FDA approval. Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe and chief science officer Megan Jones Bell join “CBS This Morning” to discuss the new venture and  the 12 mental and physical conditions that the app could help treat.

Guided Meditation for Stress Relief
Mindful Presence
Guided Stress Meditation
Guided Meditation for Stress Relief

Stress is an inevitable part of life, but it is your reaction to stress that creates suffering.  Stress affects everyone differently and your perception to stress may be different than others.  With consistent meditation practice you can change how you respond to stress creating healthier ways of being with yourself and with others.

When the mind wanders we simply bring it back to the breath. This allows us to create a non-reactive, non-judgmental awareness to our experiences leading to a more balanced way of being. This track provides a 10 minute guided meditation to help alleviate stress.  We recommend taking a comfortable seated position with your feet on the floor prior to starting.